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Regular Season Rules

General Rules

  • Double headers are not permitted.
  • All rules in the baseball rulebook apply, except for items listed here.


  • Four coaches are permitted.
  • Three adult coaches may be on the field when a team is on offense.
    • Tee coach
    • First base coach
    • Third base coach
  • Two defensive coaches are allowed on the field while the team is on defense. They must take positions in the outfield grass.
  • Offensive base coaches must remain in the coaches' box while the ball is in play.
  • Coaches may not touch or assist runners while the ball is in play.
  • The use of tobacco products by by mangers or coaches during pre-game preparation orduring the game is prohibited. A violation of this rule will result in the ejection of the Manager or Coach from the current game.
  • Coaches may NOT allow any one player to dominate a defensive series of outs. (i.e. One player chasing down all runners.) Once a player has made two (2) unassisted outs by running to a base or running and tagging a player, the last out must be assisted. (i.e. The player must throw the ball to another infielder to make the out.) However, the player can make the last out in the defensive series unassisted, provided he/she tags the runner of the base taking no more than three (3) steps.

Umpires/Game Officials

  • The home team will supply a plate umpire.
  • The visiting team may supply a field umpire.

Game Rules

  • No new inning shall start after one-hour.
  • There will be a five run limit per inning.
  • The ten run rule does NOT apply.
  • There will be a continuous batting order.
  • Strikeouts are not permitted.
  • The ball must travel at least 15' when struck.
  • Players arriving late must be added to the end of the lineup.
  • The defensive team will field ALL players on defense. Only five players are allowed in the infield.
  • The infield fly rule does not apply.
  • When an infielder gets possession of the ball while on the infield and not making a play the umpires will call dead ball (or time). Runners not in contact with a base will immediately advance or return to the last base touched. If they stand still or stop advancing they will be returned to the last base touched.
  • Only one overthrow is allowed per batted ball. Runners advance at their own risk. However, they may advance only as far as the base they were approaching plus one additional base. The umpire will have final say on this rule.
  • Overthrows can only occur on a ball thrown by an infielder. Balls returned from the outfield will NOT be considered an overthrow.
  • No stealing is allowed.
  • If a runner misses a base they will not be called out for missing the base, but after all play has ceased, the runner will be returned to the missed base. All other runners will return to the base they left unless they are forced by the runner being returned to a missed base or the batter-runner occupying first base. Note: the ball is alive and in play until the umpire determines that play has ceased and calls for time. If one or more outs are made while the ball is in play, the out(s) will stand.


  • All coaches, players, and fans must exhibit Good Sportsmanship at all times to provide a positive experience for our young players.
  • Anyone who continues to exhibit unsportsmanlike behavior will be asked to leave the premises.
  • If a player throws the bat after hitting the ball, this is not an out. If the bat goes into the catcher or the umpire, the player will be given a warning. The second time this happens, the player will be awarded the hit, but then ejected. If a player is ejected for throwing the bat, that player will be eligible to play the following day or next game.


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